About Us

″We don’t produce expanded metal, we manufacture tailored solutions.″

Renowned worldwide for the creation of complex architecture made by thousands of unique pieces.

The Foundations

Metalltech was founded 2008 due to the increasing demands of expanded metal sheets in architecture, by two brothers, Davide Fumagalli and Riccardo Fumagalli, who had worked on expanded metal since 1984.

Thanks to the founders having more than twenty years’ experience, from the beginning Metalltech distinguished itself for its capacity to listen and understand customers’ requirements and provide assistance during all the phases of the project; from ideation to maintenance.

The Development:

Since its founding, the company has focused on the introduction and development of new robotic machines which specialize in the industrial production of the assembled unique pieces which characterize most of Metalltech’s facades.

Throughout its history, Metalltech has continued to improve the processes of hidden welding. By doing so, it has increased the quality of deliverables and cut production costs by 30% due to the new pressing machines.

To meet the demands of complex architectural shapes, Metalltech specialized in the process of calendering and deformation of expanded metal sheets. These processes have allowed the realization of new daring shapes in architectures.

The Company Today:

Today, thirty highly-skilled professionals works in Metalltech, the company is part of a network of specialized firms and engineering studies with the objective to develop tailored solutions from architects’ ideas.

The firm collaborates with different producers and institutions, such as the Polytechnic University of Milan, to develop new machines and manufacturing processes.

Metalltech is working with both famous architects and unknown studies to achieve its mission: help to transform simple sketches and ideas into remarkable and efficient structures.

Metalltech, with the goal to offer its customers an increasingly high quality product, is equipping itself with an anodizing plant funded with the help of Lombardy facilitations to enhance corporate investments. The project is aimed at the development of a completely automatic anodizing system, industry 4.0 type.

 metalltec 4.0
 metalltec 4.0

Metalltech is based in Italy and delivers all over the world, with a focus on Europe, Middle-East and North-America.

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